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In industries, the OPC (Open Platform Communications) server acts as a mediator, transforming proprietary hardware communication protocols (used by devices like PLCs) into the standardized OPC protocol. Meanwhile, OPC client software, like HMIs or SCADA systems, connects to the hardware through the OPC server to retrieve data or issue commands.
OPC standardized protocols enable interoperability, ensuring efficient real-time data access, scalability, and cost savings. With enhanced security and simplified maintenance, OPC bridges the gap between operational and information technologies, optimizing industrial processes for heightened efficiency and reliability.
In each industry, OPC servers and clients play pivotal roles in facilitating interoperability, enabling efficient data exchange, and empowering real-time control and monitoring of industrial processes.

OPC UA Tunneller Software

This software facilitates communication between OPC UA (Unified Architecture) servers and clients over networks where direct communication might not be possible due to security or other constraints. It enables secure and efficient data transfer.

OPC Data Broker

This tool manages and routes data between different OPC servers or devices, often used to distribute data from multiple sources to multiple destinations within an industrial environment.

MDB Modbus Adapter

An adapter that bridges communication between devices using the Modbus protocol and other systems, allowing Modbus-based devices to interact with different technologies or software.

MQTT Publisher

This component publishes data using the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol, commonly used in IoT (Internet of Things) scenarios for efficient, lightweight messaging between devices or systems.

OPC Data Manager

This software handles the acquisition, processing, and distribution of data obtained from OPC servers, often employed in industrial environments for data management and analysis.

OPC Redundancy Broker

It ensures system reliability by providing redundancy and failover capabilities for OPC servers, reducing the risk of system downtime in critical applications.

OPC Funnel

Typically represents a mechanism for data integration within the OPC framework, aggregating data from multiple OPC servers/sources into a centralized system for further processing or analysis.

Server for Caching

A server dedicated to caching data, often used to improve access times and reduce load on primary data sources by storing frequently accessed information temporarily.

OPC Security Gateway

This component ensures the security of data transmitted through OPC connections by implementing various security measures such as encryption, authentication, and authorization.




At SIEC, we offer a comprehensive range of PLC solutions, providing access to an array of leading brands. Our expertise extends across various manufacturers, ensuring our clients have access to and can benefit from a diverse spectrum of industry-leading technologies. From Siemens and Allen-Bradley to Mitsubishi and Schneider Electric, we bring a wide selection of options tailored to meet specific industrial needs.


SCADA systems are the backbone of modern industrial operations, and at SIEC, we specialize in providing cutting-edge Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solutions. Our expertise encompasses a spectrum of industry-leading SCADA platforms. we offer robust and customizable SCADA solutions tailored to streamline monitoring, control, and data analysis, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency and productivity for diverse industrial landscapes.

Control Panels

At SIEC, we recognize the critical significance of diverse control panel solutions in optimizing industrial processes. Our range includes various types such as Motor Control Centers (MCCs), Distribution Control Panels (DCPs), and Power Control Centers (PCCs). We specialize in offering a comprehensive suite of control panel solutions designed to cater to different operational needs across industries. From design and fabrication to installation and maintenance, our expertise ensures the seamless integration of advanced technology into MCCs, DCPs, and PCCs, empowering industries with precise control over manufacturing and operational processes.